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John comes from a background of advertising and marketing. Founder and Conservation Director of Wildseas, John has been involved part time for six years and full time for four years in marine conservation and holds a Diploma in Marine Biology. His particular areas of interest are sea turtles, sharks, overfishing and illegal fisheries. He has worked on turtle projects in Europe, India, Thailand and Africa, petitioned for legislative change to protect sharks in Ireland and is an advocate for marine conservation.


john Flynn Founder & Conservation director

Neil is a passionate and assiduous conservationist and sea turtle specialist who has spent well over a decade working on remote beaches protecting some of the worlds most endangered sea turtle populations. His work has taken him to countries such as Greece, The Seychelles, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Argentina and Ghana to name but a few. Now the Projects Director of Wildseas, Neil has also worked and volunteered for many conservation NGO’s such as KARUMBE (Uruguay), ARCHELON (Greece) and The RSPB (U.K.).


 projects director   neil davis

Justice, coming from Ngelekazo, has been working alongside Wildseas since 2013 spreading the message of sea turtle conservation throughout the Jomoro District of western Ghana.

For 2015 Justice has already organised a number of local communities to attend education workshops about turtles and
why we should protect and conserve them.

He has also been instrumental in constructing hatcheries in the local area and encouraging the local youth to become involved in sea turtles protection.

Justice meNsah
outreach officer jomoro district

Eric received comprehensive training in handling, tagging and safely releasing sea turtles that have been captured by local fishermen working out of the busy port of Axim, Nzema east.  Eric supervises local fish and turtle catches and ensures that any turtles accidentally caught are released safely after tagging and data capture. Eric also distributes and collects our turtle data sheets among the fishermen of the port.

2014 saw the successful tagging of 209 adult turtles including Olive Ridleys, Greens and one Loggerhead. A further 14 turtles were released at sea over the course of the year.

Regional coordinator, Axim  eric quayson
Eric Quayson

Enock, from Ngelekazo in the Jomoro district is responsible for leading and organising anti poaching patrols during nesting season. He is working hard to change the mentality of would be poachers to show them the value of conserving their wildlife instead of poaching it.

Enock also co-ordinates local schools environmental education programs throughout the year. Enock previously worked with a Ghanaian education program before joining Wildseas and has considerable experience in education and outreach programs.

enock agyimah 
anti poaching patrol leader jomoro
Enock Agyimah
John Flynn
Neil Davis
Justice Mensah